Pavilion for rent

Pavilions – the best way to go, make your holidays intact in bad weather!

The various celebrations and events we rent pleasure Pavilion:
-the surface covered by the 210 (m)2

Pavilion-resistant audroms, Thus, in the event of wind you will loose about catching flying tents!

Pavilion details:

Width ((A)), (m) 10
Length, (m) 20
The height of the wall ((B)) (m) 2.30
Gable height ((C)) (m) 4.00
The slope of the roof 18'
Basic aluminium profile mm 110× 68×3
Wall PVC, part of the walls with Windows, part of the – In addition to the
Color the roof-white, the walls of green-white striped


View from the top

Width ((A)), (m) 10
Length ((E)), (m) 15+
The length of each edge of the ((D)), (m) 5


Please call tel. + 370-614 26699
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