A weekend or during the holidays go on a canoe trek, canoe or higher Viking boats. The excitement you will have for life!
Swimming in various rowing boat – wonderful leisure with family and draugais.Tuo more, and that there are various water routes: nesrauniomis wider rivers newcomers and obstacles – more experienced. You do not have to be an experienced and irkluotoju or have large muscles, It will be able to each!

Tourist tours – not only a lot of fun attraction, but a good way to try out a friendship. Best travel fair to reveal features. In addition to the, This entertainment smarkiainepaplonins your wallet. You can sleep in a tent, and if you enjoy comfort – situated in the rural tourism farmsteads on the shores. River craft in the harbour Pasileidę, atsigrožėti and aikčiosite cannot be by surprising, What are the egzotiš of the points of the globe, our edge of the incredible peizažųesama. What's the smagumėlis the whole day irklavus stop on, scrap and prepare kepsnų užsikurti. Or good išsikaitinus room to jump in the cold water of the river!