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Please take a 2 percent of income tax in the Sports Club "Birštonas Nemunas"!

For your new sporting equipment transferred pinigėlius įsigysime, which you will be able to use you and your children.

In accordance with the income tax act, from 2003 in January of the year 1 each day a permanent resident may impose income tax 2% a not for profit organization applying for (MINISTRY of Finance Minister No.. 305 2002-09-25). We would be very grateful, If this 2% make the tax part of the "Brighton Nemunui". If LR residents, does not make use of this option, 2% income tax is left to the State budget.

How to take advantage of this opportunity?

You just need to fill out an application (form FR 0512) and up to 2020 in May of the year 1 the date of the the national tax office. You can do this online at the electronic declaration system or sent by post in accordance with the territory of the gyvenąmą.

The application form FR 0512 specify the:

1 in the box – a permanent resident of Lithuania personal code.
2 in the box – the name and address of permanent residence in Lithuania.
3 in the box – place of residence.
6 in the near 2019 (the reporting period of the fiscal: calendar year) or you can specify a combination of the year.
10 in the box – 300611425 (company code)
11 in the box IN THE PUBLIC SPORTS CLUB "BIRŠTONAS NEMUNAS" (name of the Organization)
12 in the box -TRAKELIŲ (K)., BIRŠTONAS SAV.
in the box – 2 % (the transfer of part of the income tax is claimed).

Don't forget to sign up in the box reserved for this purpose.

If you are using the Internet, You can submit a Declaration and electronically. Just visit here.

Form, see: