Alytus Mound – Dovainoniai Mountain

Longest hike, 3 days
Alytus Mound – Dovainoniai outcrop, 120 km, min 10 people

March at Nemunas in the great loops of the Nemunas from Alytus Mound to dovainoniai outcrop (Kruonio HAES)
Duration: 3 daily (2 accommodation)
1 day – 45 km Alytus Mound – Persheke Estuary
we visit the Rumboniai and Pune mounds, Nemajūnai Church, Margarita Mound (Raudonkalnį).

2 day – 30 17:22 (Persheke Estuary) – Biršton Mound (Vytautas Hill)
We visit the Balbieriškis outcrop, we're going to see balbiera's heart, Kernuvė and Škėvoniai outcrops, climbs on biršton mound and admire the beautiful views.

3 day – 39 km Biršton Mound – Dovainoniai outcrop (Mergakalnis) (Kruonio HAES)

We visit the Memory Trail (wood sculpture ensemble), we'll explore the conglomerate's rock (goat shoulders) and we visit Paverkniai Mound (Ginkaus Mountain) Weeping estuary, we visit pociūnai airfield, Fins I Mound, Guogų mound, Dovainoniai outcrop (Mergakalnis).

Price per person 1 Daily Min 30 the EUR, Max 100 the EUR (the price is mainly influenced by transport, catering, bed). Minutes 10 people (1 little Viking serpent).

Vessels according to group size and selection:
– little or great Viking Serpents;
– little or big Chinese Dragons.

For more information, please contact us by phone. +370-614-26699 or by e-mail: info@birstononemunas.lt.

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