1) Shortest 3-4 Val:
Biršton Observation Tower – Biršton Mound (Vytautas Hill), 20 km, min 10 people

We meet in the lower car park near Biršton “Sleuths” (Prienai g. 10, Birštonas), if there is a desire we can meet with coffee/tea and cookies. We deal with parking issues, marching to Biršton Observation Tower to explore the route from the bird's eye. Next up the forest track above the Škėvoniai outcrop to the royal residence port, you learn about the Nemunas as you go, Nemunas Loops Regional Park, Birštonas. We taste natural mineral water near the Royal Residence, we briefly get acquainted with Dr. Kneip's therapy. In the port we form ship crews, we pass a briefing, we sit on boats and paddle.

Halfway possible stop: there are tables, Benches, swept away lot, outdoor toilet, so a good chance of a snack (we can arrange:
spring water, Biršton Mineral Waters (Adelaide, Air), Kvass, poultry broth, delicious buckets).
Resting and snacking on boats and continuing to paddle through the Islands of the Nemunas, where we observe birds (may be bedbugs, Winches, herons, cormorants, Seagull, Gulls, ducks, etc.).

How many pairklavus can an educational stop to the beekeeper: you get acquainted with hives, Bees, the process of obtaining honey, you taste fresh honey with various treats (Cheese, cucumbers, etc.).

Then we paddle towards Biršton and, To, at the end we make a ship race. Race distance ~500 meters. After the race, we paddle to Vytautas Mound, we visit it. We finish in our port (at the parking lot at the end of Pušynas Street) or optionally in another location.
After rowing, we perform a photo session with vikingoutfits and give participants team training certificates.

We can arrange meals, sauna and accommodation.

For more accurate information, please contact. +370-614-26699 or by e-mail

Until fun meetings!