Sports Club "Birštonas Neman River offers events :

Recreational boating 2017 calendar of events of the year:



Date Event Place
On April 15 (d). Rowing Season Opening Birštonas, Lithuania
On April 22 (d). The Spring Festival “The old nautical mile” In Klaipeda, Lithuania
In June of 4 (d). Vogalonga Venice, Italy
Student busikinių students of boat racing “Stocherkahn” Tubingen, Germany
June. Viking adventure Kaunas-Broadcast, Lithuania
June 16-17th. Tar road regatta (The tar boat) Valla-Oulu, Finland
June. Rowing tour – Viking adventure Tamil Nadu-Districts, Lithuania
In July, 6-9 (d). Sulkava Rowing Race Sulkava, Finland
In July, 25-28 (d). Karelia rowing tour Lieksa, North Karelia, Finland
In July, 28-30 (d). Sea day. Rowing regatta In Klaipeda, Lithuania
In August, 5-7 (d). The world of Viking Festival Volynė, Poland
In August, 4-6 (d). XII-th international traditional rowing Festival
"The path of the Amber note
Birštonas, Lithuania
On September 2 (d). (IX) the Bouillabaisse cooking Championship Vikings regatta Silute, Lithuania
On September 9 (d) The great river race (The great river race) London, United Kingdom
On September 23 (d). The Vikings regatta The Holy, Lithuania
On October 7 (d). Teacher's day regatta Flower Mound, Lithuania
On October 7 (d). Channel race (Grachtenrace) Amsterdams, Holland
On October ? (d). Rowing season closing feast Birštonas, Lithuania