Sports Club "Birštonas Neman River offers events :

Recreational boating 2019 calendar of events of the year:



Date Event Place
In June of 9 (d). Vogalonga Venice, Italy
In June of 20 (d). Student busikinių students of boat racing “Stocherkahn” Tubingen, Germany
In June of ? (d). Tar road regatta (The tar boat) Valla-Oulu, Finland
In July, 11-14 (d). Sulkava Rowing Race Sulkava, Finland
In July, 22-26 (d). Karelia rowing tour Lieksa, North Karelia, Finland
In July, 26-28 (d). Sea day. Rowing regatta In Klaipeda, Lithuania
In August, 2-4 (d). The world of Viking Festival Volynė, Poland
In August, 10-11 (d). The traditional international boating Festival
"The path of the Amber note
Birštonas, Lithuania
On September 1 ? (d). Bouillabaisse cooking Championship Vikings regatta Silute, Lithuania
On September 14 (d). The great river race (The great river race) London, United Kingdom
On September 13 (d). International Developer Day Trakai, Lithuania
On September ? (d). The Vikings regatta The Holy, Lithuania
On October 4 ? (d). Teacher's day regatta Flower Mound, Lithuania
On October 12 (d). Channel race (Grachtenrace) Amsterdams, Holland