Palanga (The Holy)
2020 09 ?



  • The race will be held at the sea in Palanga. In the Holy, The Holy River, section from the Monkey bridge to the “In the energy” the resort's bridge (distancija 500 (m)):
  • the boarding of ships to the commands “In the energy” the resort's bridge;
  • race start at the Monkey bridge;
  • block to the “In the energy” the resort's bridge;
  • The race will be held at 10 locations in Viking ships (as in the picture).
  • The team consists of 12 Members: 1 team leader, 1 team coach, 8 irkluotojai, 1 at the end of the vessel and the helmsman 1 drummer in front of the ship (recommended by the drummer and the steersman's weight to 60 kg the lightest person or team member).
  • At the same time the Holy River challenge 2 team.
  • Trapped in the command track-change time. The four teams, the best results have been, fighting for the top places in Palanga finaliniuose plaukimuose sav. The Mayor's Prize winning.

Track map:

  • (D) September. (on Friday) from 14.00 up to 20.00 Val. training and drills.
  • (D) September. (on Saturday) from 11.00 up to 14.00 Val. of the remaining Viking ship racing.
  • (D) September. (on Saturday) 15.00 Val. finaliniai plaukimai
  • (D) September. (on Saturday) ? Val. Awards in Palanga, the venue will be adjusted.


  • Training and training event» must be open to all members of the team.
  • One of the team's training sessions given by 2 Val.
  • Training in order to “In the energy” the resort's bridge.
  • All of the participants in the training and racing will provide life-saving in some narrow tracks.


  • The participant's registration fee to the person 10 the EUR (team 120 the EUR), shall be paid to the “Birštono Neman” account.
  • Participants registered email. post up to 2020 (m). in September of ? (d).

For more information phone. +370614-26699.

  • The maximum number of commands 10.
  • Up to the in September of ? (d)., team leaders email. the post shall submit the list of members of the team (the team shall consist of 12 people, for example., the company's staff, party members, members of the Club, and so on.).
  • The participants themselves are entirely responsible for your own medical condition at the time of the race.
  • Irkluotojai may be at least 18 persons of the year, t. y. Open.
  • The participants are not divided by age, than by gender.
  • Participants are required to pay to swim, must be familiar with the rules of safe behavior on the water.


  • Each team must wear the same shirt, kepuraitėmis or other merchandise.
  • At the end of the Viking ship is the ability to move team flags. The minimum size of the flag-0.5×0,5 (m), Max-1×1 (m) (the stems are stationary vėliavoms (as the following picture).


  • Each of the participants in the regatta team will be awarded the honor of writing the participant, the Memorial medal of the regatta participant.
  • Prize-winners (The first three teams) will be rewarded with taurėmis.

We invite you to sign up before the end of the day of registration laid down in, because we have to keep up with the orders and medals of honor made for each participant!!!

Viking ships and other necessary equipment will take care of the organizer of the race.

You can provide a good mood, Rally Team, create a team slogan or profile!

The PI club sports “Birštono Neman
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Arvydas – Tel.: +370614-26699
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