Rental point in Birštonas

Arriving in Birštonas, we offer to take a ride on our partner boats or water bikes in the Nemunas, Cycling after Biršton. Inventory you'll find to a former Olympic rowing base, near Brighton pier.

Hires for a longer period – discounts!

Also we organize various water hikes, We can deliver the bike to the laivelius or the location of your choice. You can write the share of cycling, the rest of the way – Scull ride.

If you want to paiškylauti švenčiate birthday party or any event – back to irklo!
It is enough to sit down to a meal in the nukrautų tables, many prefer healthier and away and admire the beauty of a nature of Lithuania! It's certainly more all will remember, well and the pictures will be a lot of shows!


For orders:

call phone.+370-640-26638