Prienai "Lights" gymnasium together with partners begins to implement the project "Let's play sports with joy – let's live healthily!“ co-financed by the State Sports Support Fund, administered by the Education, Ministry of Science and Sport and Education Exchange Support Fund.

The project implementation period is 2020-04-01 – 2023-11-30. The total eligible costs of the project amount to 19397,09 Euros, of which the costs to be paid by the Fund shall consist of 17457,38 Euros, 10 %. will have to be paid from the institution's own funds.

Project partners: Sports club "Birštonas Nemunas",  Public Health Bureau of Prienai District Municipality, Prienai District Municipality Administration, PI "Regional showcase”.

The aim of the sports project – involve as many students as possible in exploiting the natural conditions of our district, Teachers, parents and other community members to recreational rowing, improving pupils', Teachers, health of community members, developing love and respect for their school and country traditions.

Planned main project activities: Organization of the Teacher's Day Regta

every year in early October, Christmas concept 2 organisation of fitness competitions at the end of January of each project year, rowing Viking ships Nemunas training in May, in June of, September and October, concept 2 fitness training in November, December and January, volunteering during events.

The direct participants of the project are Prienai "Lights” Gymnasium, Prienai District Schools, Kaunas district/city pupils, Teachers, parents and other members of the community.
Expected result of the project – recreational rowing will become an active form of leisure time in Prienai district municipality, Teacher's Daily Regatta and Christmas Conspet 2 fitness competitions will become traditional. One more of the expected results – improvement in pupils' health and employment, strengthening teamwork and responsibility, motivating community members for active physical activity, parents will improve communication and cooperation skills with their children, get acquainted with the forms of active leisure time with the child by exploiting the available natural conditions, other members of the community will test unconventional sports activities – rowing in the Nemunas – thus engaging in active physical activity.